Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bear Goofs Around :)~

It's Bear again!  Bear has been in his forever home for over 3 years now.  He was in foster care for just under 2 years after being passed around from home to home before he came to rescue.  Bear is a powerful, strong-willed dog - with the sweetest, softest heart.  He needed just the right owner - and he found him!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Abby aka Miku

Update on sweet Abby formerly known as Miku!  Abby was saved from a kill shelter after she had been hit by a car.  She had FHO surgery and recovered with her foster mom.  Then her very own forever family came along.  Including her new sister (the little white dog)!
Abby is doing awesome she loves the dog park and is doing better in the car!

Fun at the dog park

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Steel turns One

This handsome boy is Steel!  He was rescued from Polk AS by Lost Angels when he was just 6 weeks old.  He was all alone in that shelter and just a tiny pup!  He was sick with kennel cough and he just wanted to sleep on someone's lap with his poor little snotty bubbly nose and yucky cough.  He got better quickly though and was SUCH A GOOD PUPPY! 
A few months later Steel found his forever home.  His mom and dad love him to pieces.  Steel turns One year old this month.  His favorite activity is snuggles with mom or dad. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reese ' s Rescue

This beautiful little girl is Reese! She was brought up to Petco one day at only a few weeks old by a man asking if we would buy her. Seeing that he did not care much about her we offered him $10 for this sweetie and that was apparently enough to part with her.

Reese quickly found her forever home and has been a happy spunky little gal ever since :)

The Miracle Dog - Jude

Jude is a Lost Angels miracle.  He is an 8yr male Shih Tzu that spent 3 weeks in intensive care at our vet with the worse case of pneumonia in October 2013 after saving him from the kill shelter.  He also had a large lymphoma (fatty tumor) on his hindquarter.  It was touch and go for those 3 weeks and we really thought we would loose him.  Jude came into my foster care the beginning of November 2013.
 He started to gain weight and become more active in my home.  The fatty tumor couldn't be remove until his lungs were completely healthy and clear of the pneumonia. On March 12th of 2014, his lungs were healthy enough for him to undergo surgery for the removal of the lymphoma. 
Jude is a very lovable dog that loves to give kisses but is not very social with other dogs.  He is mostly a couch potato and at times you will find him watching TV or deep in thought.  I though because of his age and his social issues, I thought he would be a forever foster. 
Recently, an application came from a wonder family in Tampa, that knew all of Jude’s issues and wanted to give him a loving forever home.  They also had a Shih Tzu, Jenny who is 11 yrs old and had the same personality as Jude.  In doing the home visit Jude and Jenny got along beautifully and I saw how much love this family would give Jude.  With tears in my eyes, I hand Jude over to them.   Jude will always have a special place in my heart knowing he is in his forever home.

- Foster Mom Lorraine

Friday, August 8, 2014

Steele - a growing lad.

Steele came to us from a kill shelter. He was very sick with kennel cough and was only about 5 weeks old when he entered my home to be fostered. I had lost a baby just a few months prior and tiny Steele laying on my chest every evening on the couch helped heal my heart. We think we are helping them but they always return the favor 10 fold.  He grew healthy and more handsome every day and found a wonderful home.

Now he has a wonderful family and his new family says:
Hey Jaque, hope all is well. Our little lad is still getting bigger haha
Here he is at the vets for his check up, nail & ear clean. He's such a good boy he really is the best! Thanks again :)

Hazel aka Tessie!

This beautiful girl came to us as Tessie.  She was an owner surrender because her family lost their home.  She was only 4 months old and was looking for some love and stability and now she has found it!  She now has her very own family!!

A lot of Love from Logan

I previously had a rescue poodle for 14 years! When she died I said, no more, not now, I have never lived a day without a dog and this is my time. Then I went to the vegetarian festival in Tampa and there he was; this skinny, shaved, apricot poodle sitting in a cage. I talked to Tina and she told me he was dumped at a kill shelter so the Angels took him within days of being killed. I called everyone I knew to talk me out of this! I just couldn't do it and to boot he looked just like my previous rescue poodle. Tina, GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN, came to my house not once, but twice, because I just couldn't make up my mind. I so wanted to not have a dog right now, but here he is, he needed a home and I had one; so why not! Well it has been two GLORIOUS years! Logan is the love of my life, he makes me laugh everyday. There is not one person who meets him who doesn't love him! He is a jokester and he loves to throw toys at people so they will throw them back at him. He goes with me wherever I
go: Love me, Love my dog! Lost Angels are truly Angels and I cannot thank them enough for finding Logan and bringing us together! Our life together is full of fun and love!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dublin & Guinness with the New Baby

These two pups came to LAAR before they were born - yes really :)  There mom was found wandering the streets, very scared.  Two Lost Angels foster parents were able to get her and took her home.  She was scared and malnourished and they quickly began to give her love and of course food.  She ballooned very quickly and they quickly realized she was pregnant.  A few days later she gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies.  A wonderful couple decided to adopt these two boys together - brother love is very strong and these two were meant to be together forever.

Now mom and dad have expanded this little family with a new baby!!  From their mom:

Dublin and Guinness are doing great. I think they have welcomed Jaxon to the pack. When I was pregnant I made sure I involved them in as much as I could everything that we brought home for the baby I made sure they checked it out, when the baby cries the dogs coming running like mom he's crying again, when he's in the swing they often stick there heads in there to make sure he is ok, I do have to remind Guinness that he is little because he always want to lay on him, but I think once he's on the loose my house will be crazy but they will be wearing each other out. When Chris gets home I will send you the video when the puppies meet Jaxon for the first time, I don't know where on the computer he put the video. But I have attached some picture, and I did find a video of the boys on a walk wrestling in the snow, Chris just got a new phone when he shot this video because it's in slow motion but it's great, they are almost 5 but I think they will always be puppies.

Butterfly morphs into Sadie...

This beautiful pup was one of a litter of 5 who was on death row at a local kill shelter.  The Angels swooped in and saved this litter of pups and are so excited to see them each go to their forever homes!

From Butterfly AKA Sadie's new mom:

Hi Tina,
It was very nice to meet you.  Thanks for bringing Sadie to us.  I think she is going to be a total joy.  She has been a very good girl.  Now if I can get Dave trained!!  He let Sadie out of crate last night because she whimpered a little when we were going to bed.  He ended up sleeping on the couch with her all night.  For now, I’m afraid for her to have free reign.  She is very puppy like and seems to want to eat anything she finds on the floor.  I also noticed that outside, she was trying to eat acorns, dried up worms, etc.  I also am keeping the doggie door in for now; I think she is just too small to be unsupervised.  She had some loose stools yesterday, outside Yeah!!  This morning though I took her out she peed, then feed her and it was not loose.  She actually pooped again about an hour later and it was fine.  She is a little lover and just what we needed.  We haven’t been around a puppy in awhile and it’s funny how they tear around for awhile then they just pass out.  She definitely is a clown.  We were outside yesterday and Dave got the hose out to water some plants and she dove for it and started jumping and biting at the water.  She also was having a field day chasing lizards around in our yard.  I haven’t seen Dave so happy since Sugar was here!!  We are just animal lovers and it is sad when you don’t have any.
I have tried to talk some of my friends into getting her sister Bambi from you since they thought the pics I sent were so cute.  I told them we could have play dates.
I am taking Sadie to Vet on Monday to get her as an established patient.  While the Vet clinic I went to with Sugar was very good, they are also the most expensive in town.  I also think of Sugar when I am there.  I am going to take Sadie to South Tampa Veterinary Care, Denise Ginex.  She had come highly recommended to me by several people and then I saw where she advertised on the back of my church bulletin.  I like to try to support those who advertise, so I hope I like her.  I have never had Pet Insurance but the way the costs keep going up, I am going to look into that too.
I am a protective mother but I think that Dave balances that out by not being that way.  I’m just amazed at how good she has been and seeming like she is very happy.  I’m glad I was drawn to the name Butterfly and your organization. 
Thanks again,

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Marcus Rides the Love Cart

Marcus was abandoned in my neighborhood and I took him in.  The neighbors told me he was around several days and had no ID.  He was malnourished and very dirty.  He was less than a year old and not neutered.  Lost Angels took care of his medical needs and he was adopted in about a month.  Pat had recently lost her dog, who looked a little like Marcus, and fell in love with him at first sight.  She drove up from Sun City to see Marcus at Petco, and filled out the application on the spot.  Pat is retired so she and Marcus are together constantly.  They ride the golf cart around the neighborhood and Marcus goes for long walks every day.  Everyone in the area loves Marcus and he has lots of friends.  When Pat’s family visits, Marcus gets even more love.  

 It has been almost three years since she adopted Marcus.  There have been some challenges with such a spirited dog, but Pat loves him and they could not be happier together.  Marcus has the life we want for all our rescued dogs and I am so grateful to Pat for her devotion to Marcus.

    Ronnie (Foster Dad)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nova Relaxes - Adopting a Senior Dog is Good for the Soul!

This is beautiful Nova!  She was dumped at a kill shelter by her prior owners.  The shelter said she seemed to be in a state of shock when she first arrived.  We had wonderful foster parents step up for this senior girl.  Our volunteer, Tina, who does a lot of our transports took pictures of the "freedom ride" as Nova left the shelter where her life was in danger and started a new life with the angels.  This photo pulled at the heart strings of what ended up being Nova's new mommy. 

Her new mom writes:
I just thought you might like up date on Nova.  she is so much more relaxed and has really opened up even more in the last few weeks.  We are still trying to get the skin under control but 90% better!  Also we just had a sample of those lumps taken.  should get the results next week.  I really noticed a huge difference in her when I took her to the vet last week.  she didn't seem confused anymore, meaning she knew she was coming home with me and I wasn't going to leave her.  :0)  I can't wait until I am able to adopt more Nova's!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach Day for Gavin - Slow Kill HW Success!

Gavin came to Lost Angels from a high-kill shelter.  His time was up and he was a lucky one who found a spot with us.  He was heartworm positive and had some separation anxiety.  He found a wonderful home with another little doggie to play with.  He is now heartworm free (thanks to the slow-kill treatment) and loving life.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Penny - Previously known as Pretty Girl

My (Jacki Wester) very first foster... over 7 years ago.  She got a wonderful home and he has stuck with her through thick and thin!

Bear and Thunder!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Steele came to LAAR from a kill shelter as a very tiny, sick pup.  I remember carrying him around my house with his little snotty bubbly nose.  He got better very quickly and was one of the most well behaved, smartest pups I have ever known.  He is very spoiled and loved by his new family and I couldn't be happier for him.

-Love, Foster Mom Jacque

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dora Makes the News!

I heard from from Marti, Dora's mom, that her girl is featured in the local paper this month. Dora was one of my special fosters and one of the dogs that make rescue worthwhile. Dora was abandoned in Lakeland and ended up at the Polk death camp. She was so scared that they labeled her as dog-agressive and scheduled her for death. Hours before she was scheduled to die, Kelly Wilson saw her photo, and for some reason could not let her go. She called me and begged me to consider taking her because she had nobody for an aggressive dog. I did not want to take her because my Abby does not like females and I knew it could be difficult if she was aggressive. Reluctantly, I asked for her photo. When I saw her body language in the photo, I could tell she probably was not aggressive, just afraid. Worst case would be that she had to stay in a cage, and separated from the other dogs, but she would be alive. I took her and it turned out she had no aggression, was very sweet, friendly,
and quite the character. She house trained quickly and loved playing with my other dogs, except Abby. Marti saw her on the LAAR website, and I think it was love at first sight. Dora immediately loved her new family, including the cat, and has the best life ever. Thank you Marti and family for loving Dora and helping her be an ambassador for all the misunderstood homeless dogs. - Ronnie (foster dad)

Beautiful Miku

Oh beautiful Miku!!  This sweet pocket lab was sitting in animals services on death row after being brought in after someone hit her with their car.  LAAR took her in and got her the care she needed, which included FHO surgery.  Miku's went through physical therapy for several months, and for a long time did not really have any desire to get up and move around.  Her foster family did not give up on her and eventually Miku got to where she even likes to jog with her owners!

Miku absolutely loves other dogs and now she has a home with a lovely little foster sister named Josie!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prince & Molly - Together Forever

Prince and Molly are SPOILED to death and we LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They rule the house. Molly is the sweet little cuddle-baby that she has always been and still loves to lay out in the backyard in the sun. Prince is a little wild man. He has turned the guest bedroom into his own personal room and he sits on top of the pillows on the bed and I open the window for him so he can be on “patrol” and bark at anybody going by the house. They just went with us to the Jimmy Buffett concert and this weekend we are taking them camping at Ft. Wilderness at Disney. Seriously- spoiled does not even begin to describe it!

Being the proud Mommy that I am, I am attaching pictures. Thank you again for bringing these angels into our lives!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Best Dog Ever

We adopted Athens (your name: Steel-Bowl Dog) from your organization back in August 2004 at the Florida State Fairgrounds; he was approx. 2 yo, 28 lbs. and had a host of problems including ring worm, bad bronchial infection, severely malnourished, and loss of hair. But I knew immediately when he came up and turned around and sat in my lap that this was the dog for us. My wife came later, and the event was about to close down, and he did the same to her so we decided to adopt Athens from you hoping for the best. He completely changed our lives and immediately went from 28 lbs to 48 lbs in 14 days and ended up staying at this weight the remainder of his life. He quickly regained his health and was a "tank" of dog for the 9.5 years, well trained and behaved. He went everywhere with us, including living in Tampa, FL; Frederick, MD; Portland, OR; and finally in Phoenix, AZ. He got the best of everything and he gave us back unconditional love and affection. He was stubborn and
tough at times, but I always admired how he stood up for himself. We didn't realize at the time he was a pit/staffy mix, and now after volunteering with various local rescues and having Athens all these years realize how special and unique pit and pix-mixes truly are and we would never adopt another breed. Unfortunately this week we had to put Athens to sleep after a 6-month illness (Cushings Disease and brain tumor), but just wanted your staff to know your small act of kindness of saving him from the Hillsborough County Shelter forever changed our lives. Luckily about 1.5 years ago we finally found another dog that Athens accepted, again an adult rescue pit-mix (Copper) from a local rescue group who gave him companionship in his later years (yes male-male pit mixes can get along). So your small act of kindness, seeing him with the bowl in his mouth at the shelter and deciding to give him a chance, gave us 10 years of happiness. We are going to make a donation to your
organization in the name of Athens so you can continue doing the great work you do saving dogs that deserve a second chance. Attached are some pics of this beautiful dog, first pic is of Athens at the adoption event at 28 lbs. BTW--he never lost the oral fixation (as shown holding onto the rawhide bone when we adopted him), always carried things in his mouth and could chew up any toy, including so-call indestructible toys, in less than 20 minutes. Second and third pics are him just enjoying life which he did everyday to the fullest.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

LAAR Family Photo

Lost Angels Leadership
Left to right:  Kelly Wilson - President/Co-Founder
 Desiree Guillen (with Anja) - Executive Director/Co-Founder
Jacquelin Wester (with Dalyla) - Secretary/Donar Relations Coordinator
Tina Hines - Teen Volunteer Program Leader/Training Team

More Steele

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Khalifa came to us from a kill shelter.  He is a wonderful dog but needed lots of extensive training from the wonderful Sit N' Stay of Tampa.  During his time at Sit N' Stay a family fell in love with Khalifa - and Khalifa is definitely in love with them too!