Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Dear Lost Angels,

My sister found my family's German Shepherd (Q) 8 years ago at a shelter. Needless to say, we love him incredibly. We were very sad when he went missing for a few days some years ago, and thrilled when we recovered him safely from a shelter, the following day.

While not based on literal events, I just made a short film starring my dog which I thought you might like. If you feel like sharing with others, please do!



Friday, August 19, 2011

Brody to Rainbow Bridge

To All My Heroes……..

Please do not mourn over me for too long! The gift you gave me of eternal sleep was a blessing as it has released me from my pain and suffering. No amount of money or valiant efforts attempted could have saved me from the damage done to my body but what you did accomplish, above all, was to give me, my life value and respect.

I was no longer a stray with no name or home that would die alone and forgotten on the side of the road. I AM BRODY…..and I left this earth surrounded by family and friends who loved me to the end!

My heart is full of love and appreciation to everyone! A special “thank you” to Dr. Webster and her staff at Tampa Veterinary Hospital for making me very comfortable and all the extra attention and ear rubs, as well as Dr. Jones and staff at Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services for your compassion and efforts to save me.

I join many other angels so I am no longer alone. With eternal tail wags…….

Much love from,


Help Lost Angels Safe a Life... or Two!

Lost Angels has two incredible dogs who need your help!

Brody's Story: This boy, who has been given the name Brody, was found last night and appears to be a young Pit Mix. Our vet is awaiting his arrival today and treatment will begin to try and save him. He is going to need a lot of prayers and any donations would be very helpful as it is imperative that he receives extensive care and support over the next several days if he is to survive. No donation is too small!!! He deserves better than what he has received up until now and even as weak as he is the steady thump of his tail when someone is near him says that he has the will to live - he only needs this opportunity that Lost Angels is willing to offer him with your help!

Tater's StoryHe was rescued from a high rate kill shelter in Polk County. He came to us with a badly broken leg and an FHO repair had to be done. We need $1,000 to pay his medical bill and continue his treatment!Please consider donating to the care of these precious dogs!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I got your packet in the mail. I had actually taken Twix in the day before to the vet. They put her on antibiotics for her skin bumps and gave her a shot of penicillan. Other than that she is one happy pup. We got the doggy pool out yesterday and she loved it. When our dog Ripley gets the frisbee or ball after it's thrown, Twix will chase her all around the yard trying to get it from her, hehe. They play so much together. She did bring in a potted plant one night and put it on the couch and there was dirt everywhere. What a stinker! She's being really weird right now and humping or trying to hump our lab Ripley! I guess they just go through that stage when they are young. I remember my o ther 2 female dogs humping something when they were younger. Twix has only had one accident in the house that's when the doggy door was closed. She does however get scared and pee like crazy at the vets. Funny thing is Twix wants to eat Ripley's food and Ripley wants to eat Twix's food. Silly dogs! Oh and we are calling her Zoey now. Just seems to fit her personality. She seems to be a bit of a talker too especially when wresting with Ripley. Well, we are really enjoying having her and she gives us quite some laughts. I'll try to send pics soon.


I am so grateful to you for advising me not to put Cubay through the ordeal of heartworm treatment. He tested negative on his annual check up - Yay! His bloodwork was irregular with liver enzymes and something else I can't remember so they are retesting him in six months.

Otherwise he continues to be a good friend to Robbie. Brandy is so old and deaf, she barely knows he is around. He is such a sweet boy and always so polite. Thanks for giving me the gift of adopting him.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VOTE - Pet Photo Contest!!!

Vote Now!!!

Well it was VERY hard to choose, but LAAR volunteers have selected these pictures as the top 5! Thank you to everyone who donated/submitted a picture. Your gift goes on to help other animals!!

The pictures below are numbered 1-5. Please choose your favorite picture and email the number to lostangelsanimalrescuefl@gmail.com or leave your vote as a comment to this post on facebook. Either method will be accepted.

Voting will be allowed from now through Thursday, August 4th at 5 PM. At that time the votes will be tallied and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced!!

Yes you may vote for your own picture : )

#1 - Yvette

#2 - Bella Rogan

#3 - Logan Rogan

#4 - Naptime

#5 - Hannah