Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dora Explores Her Foster Home : )

This is beautiful Dora and she is looking for her forever home.  She is having a blast playing with her foster brother Jacob, but she is eagerly awaiting a loving family of her very own!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Bear

Bear, spending another Christmas in his forever home : )

Friday, November 23, 2012


Here I am in my new living room. Cute Huh?

Here I am half way up the steps now I can go the whole way.

I think my sister from across the alley loves me just as much I never knew so many people would love me.

 This is my new dad. My mom says I'm a daddy's girl. I don't know what that means but I do know I really love him a lot and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual because my mom has to keep telling him he has to say no to some of my requests. I really think he would give me anything I want. :)

Hi everyone I want to thank you so much for finding me my new home. My new parents think I am the greatest. They say I have completed their family and that I was a perfect match. They said Lost Angels is the BEST. I have been here a litttle over a week and have learned so much. I can go up the stairs all by myself and I do every time they leave me even for a minute. I go potty outside and recognize my cues. I've decided lying against my dad's head is the best place to get a really good nights rest. My new brother and I have started playing the last couple days and I really love him. I think he feels the same but he tries to be macho. Life is great and I owe it all to the great people at Lost Angel's. I have sent you a few pictures they have taken of me. I hope you have all had a Very Happy Thanksgiving. P.S I love turkey and stuffing

Love You
Little Girl TikiI

Tucker & Tatum (Gabriella)

Thank you so much for getting back to me regarding the rabies vaccination certificate this evening.  I again, truly appreciate your help.  One thing we were hoping for is being able to access their microchip information, I tried to get access and register check on their registration information.  We were also advised by our vet to make sure that we have access to that information.

We lost our cocker spaniel to congestive heart failure in June and were looking for two friends together, as we have no children and are pets are the world to us.  They helped to mend and fill the void in our hearts.  I think we inspired others as well because many of our work friends adopted rescue animals as well.  When we got them, Gabriella's (Tatum) fur was eaten off of one her feet and Tucker had missing hair from his ear.  Our vet wasn't sure if the hair would come back and it didn't matter to us.  It totally did.  It saddens me that people are so cruel to these animals.  I am glad to say that they are both loved and give us so much too.  They are spoiled and have right to be so.  Find attached a couple of pictures.  The first one was taken probably late August, the second in early September and the last at Halloween. 

Thank you so much for allowing us to raise them and become our family.

Rick and Shelly Card

Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP Hattie

Sometimes no matter how hard you want something or how hard you try it simply is not meant to be. Tonight Hattie lost her battle to win a new life with me. We both wanted it so bad but her suffering was to much for the both of us. I spent t...
he weekend doing all that I could but it was just to late for this sweet angel. As hard as it was to say goodbye if I had it all to do again I would becaus...e if I don't have anything else I at least have the comfort of knowing that I tried. She did not die alone on the side of the road. She died in my arms. Tonight I will wonder why God gave me this little sweet old lady and why she did not have that wonderful second chance that all of us want for them. What lesson was I to learn with the gift of Hattie. Please think of Hattie tonight and do something special for a four legged in the Honor and Memory of Hattie.