Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newest Addition... Tiki

We rescued Tiki from Polk County Animal Services.  Her before and after pictures show what a wonderful life change this little girl has just had! 

Tiki is approx 1 year old.  She needs to learn some sozialization skills like walking on a leash, but she is a very sweet girl and will be up for adoption soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cuddle Bug Chloe!

Chloe was taken to a vet in Pensacola with her older brother to be euthanized because her owner didn't want dogs anymore.. Her poor brother was old and the vet did'
as his owner requested but when he saw how young and healthy Chloewas  he couldn't do it.  He vetted Chloe and called Mickey who volunteers at the Pensacola shelter.  Mickey contacted me and asked if we had room for Chloe.  At the time one of our former adopters had lost her chihuahua and was looking for another.  She only likes females so we told her about Chloe.. Well by the time I got Chloe here Elsa had adopted a couple other dogs but agreed to foster Chloe until she found a home.  Thank God for Dawn who volunteered to show Chloe at Petco on Saturdays and also took care of her adoption and getting her microchipped.. :)

Anyway Chloe has found her HOME!!  And I can't be happier that this little girl is finally where she will be loved for life.
From Chloe's new family!

We've been so wrapped up with this little girl, it's amazing.  She is just a bundle of love and her favorite spot is definitely being on someone's lap.  She already walks around like she owns the place so she is very settled in and happy.  She loves the little squeaky toys, but boy does she go thru them quickly!!!  LOL  I think we'll have to call her the Squeaky Terminator!!!!  She is spoiled rotten already and Robert is already a total pushover with her.  He is going to be a handful and he has to learn not to give her so many little treats!!

Thank you so very much for all your efforts in helping us adopt her.  We are spreading the word around about your organization.  We have a vet appointment tomorrow and will have them let people know about you guys when anyone is looking to adopt.  

I'll certainly keep in touch and keep you updated on our little Chloe!!

Thanks again!!!
Carolyn & Robert & Chloe