Thursday, August 29, 2013

Levi Living the Life

Levi was previously Scruffy aka Scruffy Dude.  He was found as a stray and was fostered with us for a short time before his new mommy came along. 

Foster aka Peppy

Peppy (previously known as Foster) came to us from a high kill shelter.  His foster mom Dana took great care of him until this wonderful family came along.  We are so happy for Peppy! : )
Hi Dana
We sure do remember you.  We actually went to the Petco where we met you and found our "Peppy" aka Foster a couple of weeks ago but we got there too late and you all were gone.  As you can see we renamed him and he had no problem with his new name right from the start.  He is just an absolute pleasure.  Full of character and just the sweetest little guy.  He and Jaxson hit it off and are the best of friends.  Peppy actually gets Jaxson motivated and moving and they play which is something Jaxson didn't do.  We adopted Jaxson in February 2012.
Peppy is just loved by everyone that meets him including my son's dog Dixon (also a rescue) who comes to visit sometimes and he and Peppy have fun. 
Peppy and Jaxson are our "babies".  We take them just about everywhere with us.
We are planning on going to the November 9th event at the park in Lutz.  Maybe we will see you there.  If not, we will try the Petco another time.
I've attached some photos for you.

Love our Buddy

This is Buddy. We adopted him 5 years ago from Alison in Brandon when she was with Lost Angels. He was a little stubby chubby boy then and now he's our bigger stubby chubby boy! We love him so much!
Thanks for all you do and all the sweet angels you save!


We started to foster Oscar, previously known as Riley in June and our life has not been the same ever since. He is thought to be 10 months old and oh yes... he is a puppy - alright! He plays and nibbles and jumps most of the day. He loves walks and car rides, soft fluffy beds and loves to "dig" and hide under the bed covers. He loves his big sister Pandora, whom we also adopted from Lost Angels. Pandora is now 5 but Oscar has turned her back to being 1 or 2. They chase each other and jump on couches, pull each others cheeks, sleep together... it's a 24/7 hour party!

Thank you LAR for giving us the chance once again to be loved by one of your angels.

The Ketterl Family

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We just came from Harley's yearly vet checkup and we are thrilled beyond words that he is now heartworm free.  The slow kill method totally worked on him!  If any potential adopters are skittish about adopting a heartworm positive pet please feel free to have them check with us.  Hope everything is going well with you and yours.  Harley is still thrilled that he adopted us and enjoys being spoiled in every way.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Great and Powerful Lizard Hunter

Caesar!  The great and powerful lizard hunter enjoying a day by the pool in his forever home.