Saturday, June 29, 2013

From Hoarder Dog to Cuddle Dog

This is Anna. She was adopted by a wonderful family almost 2 yrs ago. She was once a hoarders dog. lived life with over 80 dogs in a house ~total almost 200 on the property. She was very thin and just as shy. NOW she lives life with 2 great kids~ mom ~ dad and 2 other dogs. The only hoarding going on is when she gets in the bed.. This is what RESCUE is all about..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Scooter Heartworm Free!

Scooter was rescued from a kill shelter and was heartworm positive.  He is now loving life with his new family and recently got the good news... he is heartworm free!!  Another successful slow-kill treatment poster boy : )

Miley & Schatzi...

Living it up in their forever home!

Izzy goes Kayaking!

Izzy (aka Isau) who is now a therapy dog is adding kayaking to his bucket list :-)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

RIP Rascal - 3 Owner Surrenders

Rascal, Misty and Precious had their dentals with oral surgery on Tuesday 06-11-2013.  Although all dogs were in horrible shape our vet felt like it had to be done in order for them to start to get well.  Rascal was very sick, but with blood transfusion and IV antibiotics he was holding his own so we proceeded.  All dogs came throught the procedure doing well.  The girls went home with their foster Mom Lorraine on the same day.
Rascal had a very good day on Wednesday the 12th.  He ate his food and slept very peacefully all day.  We were all very hopeful that getting those badly infected teeth out of his mouth would turn him around.
Today we got the sad news that Rascal did not make it through the night.  It appears that he did not suffer and went while he was still sleeping peacfully in his crate. 
I have no doubt that without all the love and vet care we gave him before he left us he would have suffered in his death.
Thank you to all that donated to our little family.  We raised almost $2,000.00 and that money will be needed to pay for their care past and present.
Thanks so much to Dr. LaDue at Keene Vet Hospital for all his love and kindness with these special little kids. 
We are all very sad and just wish that things could have been different for Rascal but also so happy that Misty and Precious seem to be thriving with the love and care they are recieving from us and their foster mom Lorraine
Please everyone take a moment to think a happy thought for Rascal so he will arrive at the Bridge remembered by all who were touched by him on earth.
Continue to pray for Misty and Precious.  We are hopeful that this is the beginning of a new life for them......full of love and hope for the future.