Saturday, April 30, 2011

Papi is now Cheeze!

More than a year ago we lost our Australian Shepherd female dog, Booty who succumb to cancer. A dear friend told us to adopt another dog to heal our grief. We then went to the Pet Adoption Expo in Tampa to find another Booty.
We could not find an adoptable Australian Shepherd. Before leaving, we decided to look at the dogs for adoption at the Lost Angels section. The 3rd dog Papi, who we brought out of his cage, was very sweet to lay his head on my husband's shoulder. My heart skipped a beat & I knew he was the one.
Next thing I knew, we were filling out adoption papers & arranging a house visit to make sure Papi (that was his name then) gets along with Nacho, our 12 yr old chihuahua.
WE re-named Papi, Cheeze. Not only did he get along with Nacho, he even started to copy everything that Nacho would do.
They both love the same treats, long walks, car rides, & belly rubs.
Adopting another dog brought back the smiles, laughter to Nacho, & to us.
Since Cheeze may not know his real birth date, we'll CELEBRATE every year, his birthday for coming home, to his FOREVER HOME!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Clive's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Clive! It has been 1 year since he was adopted from Lost Angels. We are so happy that you are doing so well in your forever home!

Monday, April 4, 2011