Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Bear!

 This is Bear.  He came to Lost Angels after being filtered through many homes.  He needed some training and some love and was in foster care for almost 2 years.  One day the perfect owner drove up on his motorcycle and it was love at first sight!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I will never forget my beautiful boy Caesar... previously known as Frankie.  Him and his sister were left in a shed, doused with gasoline to "cure" their mange and left with no food or water.  Lost Angels saved these beautiful dogs.  Caesar came to my home with no where else to go.  He had lots of energy and lots of personality!!  When Katrina came to meet him he jumped all over her kissing her face, trying to shows his loving personality.  I remember thinking, oh boy, that's not usually what people want to see.  Not Katrina, she said, yup this is my boy!!  She loved him from the moment she met him.  When we did the home visit with the two other dogs in her home, there was an adjustment period.  Katrina never gave up on Caesar.  She showed him love and patience and in turn Caesar showed her what a wonderful companion he could be. He has now been in his forever home for several years and is enjoying the life he deserves with his furry siblings.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP Jada Princess

From Foster Mom and LAAR Director Kelly:
Last year for my birthday I got a birthday present of a sweet little dog named Jada.  It was not what I asked for but she needed me so she became my present.  She was a very special little girl.  Jada could not walk and she was blind.  She still loved to eat and enjoyed hanging out with the other dogs so for the last year and 1/2 I have had the pleasure of being her Mommy. 
 Jada's problems with her walking were neurological and despite many trips to various doctors there was nothing much I could do.  Thanks to Nancy and Harlon Weikle and Ximena we even fitted her for a cart.  Her issues were just to much for her to ever learn to use the cart.
  Time had been taking it's toll on Jada and her quality of life was declining.  She was having more and more bad days. 
 Tonight Jada is peaceful.  She is not frustrated or wanting for anything anymore.  She is finally at peace.  I was so lucky to have found her and to have had the pleasure of taking care of her this last year and half.  Now it is time for her to finally run again at the rainbow bridge. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cody & Dexter - TOO Cute!!

Kelly, Frank and I are so thankful that your organization saved  Cody and Dexter from being put down.  We were thinking about getting puppies, but then while doing a search for Shih Tzu's we found your web site and saw all those dogs that needed love.  Cody and Dexter stole our hearts.  We appreciate the adoption process that assures these animals will have loving homes.
  As you can see our Cody and his brother Dexter  love watching Animal Planet in their new home.  You can also tell that they feel very comfortable and love their new Mommy.

  Sincerely, Lorraine Hartle

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rainbow Bridge gets another great one - Adrian

From Adrian Foster Mom:
Sweet Adrian....he was such a special foster for me.  I rescued him twice.  The first time he had been dropped off at HCAS and Debbie called me because his owner did not want him anymore......... because he was old this was July 1995.
He was adopted by a couple and about 2 years later ended up at the same place, HCAS with yet another call from Debbie.  This was Nov. 1907.  Seems the couple got a divorce, the woman left and the husband took Adrian to the shelter with the same excuse ....he was old. 
I knew a wonderful lady who had adopted a dog from me named Bertie...she was very old and sick but Nancy adopted Bertie anyway and gave her about 5 more months.  Nancy wanted Adrian too.  I was not sure how old Adrian really was but Nancy did not care.  She just wanted to love and care for him for as long as he needed her.  This dog was so happy to be safe and in his forever home finally.  He gave Nancy another 6 years,,,,this little old man had so much life in him....  He did not want to leave this world.  Thanks to a wonderful gift that Nancy gave Adrian...he was loved and cared for until the day he left us.......I wish I had more Nancy's!  Thank you so much and God Bless you Nancy for putting your heart on the line not once but twice to give life to an older dog. 
Lost Angels loves the older dog...the needy dog.  We have always been a rescue that believed in saving the unsaveable.  We will keep doing this as long as we can......all we need is more people like Nancy to help us is the best experience I have ever had in my know I am giving love and happiness where there was emptyness and sadness.  Stories like Adrian keep me going and make me stronger and very proud.
From Adrians Mom:
Hello Kelly,
I'm so sorry to have to tell you that we lost our sweet little boy, Adrian.  He died on Monday.  I'm devastated, and having a difficult time accepting it.  Thank you for putting us together, he loved me and I sure loved him. Adrian made my life better, and things will be very different without him.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Scooter and Missy's Travels!

Yes there are 2 dogs in this picture... that is Missy up front and Scooter tucked in under the blankey.  Scooter who was recently saved from a kill shelter now lives the life with his new mommy and his new sister Missy.  He even gets to travel and stay in hotels.. and sleep on the bed!!  What a life this little baby has now!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snookie Love!

Snookie is doing fine!!  He is a love!!  He is adjusting so well it's like he's always been here!!  He had a bath today and is going to see the Dr. tomorrow.  Snookie seems so happy and playful and that's just after his first two days. We have a crate for him at night with a comfortable bed and a wee-wee pad, in case he needs it.  He needed it his first night but did not need it last night!  Considering his upheavals lately, he is doing great!!   He was actually playful with Max and Max back with him!!   We were so happy to see them play and rewarded both boys for exceptional behavior!  Snookie does seem to need to urinate excessively ......the Dr. will do a urine and stool sample analysis tomorrow.  Other than a weak bladder, which I am sure has a lot to do with what he has been through and some nerves, he is fine!  Snookie is so sweet and already nipping at our hearts.....  :)  He is an angel!  Donald and I feel so lucky to have his happy soul in our home!  He will be well cared for and LOVED!!  Thanks so much for checking in.......I hope all is well with you....Nick