Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP Jada Princess

From Foster Mom and LAAR Director Kelly:
Last year for my birthday I got a birthday present of a sweet little dog named Jada.  It was not what I asked for but she needed me so she became my present.  She was a very special little girl.  Jada could not walk and she was blind.  She still loved to eat and enjoyed hanging out with the other dogs so for the last year and 1/2 I have had the pleasure of being her Mommy. 
 Jada's problems with her walking were neurological and despite many trips to various doctors there was nothing much I could do.  Thanks to Nancy and Harlon Weikle and Ximena we even fitted her for a cart.  Her issues were just to much for her to ever learn to use the cart.
  Time had been taking it's toll on Jada and her quality of life was declining.  She was having more and more bad days. 
 Tonight Jada is peaceful.  She is not frustrated or wanting for anything anymore.  She is finally at peace.  I was so lucky to have found her and to have had the pleasure of taking care of her this last year and half.  Now it is time for her to finally run again at the rainbow bridge.