Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snookie Love!

Snookie is doing fine!!  He is a love!!  He is adjusting so well it's like he's always been here!!  He had a bath today and is going to see the Dr. tomorrow.  Snookie seems so happy and playful and that's just after his first two days. We have a crate for him at night with a comfortable bed and a wee-wee pad, in case he needs it.  He needed it his first night but did not need it last night!  Considering his upheavals lately, he is doing great!!   He was actually playful with Max and Max back with him!!   We were so happy to see them play and rewarded both boys for exceptional behavior!  Snookie does seem to need to urinate excessively ......the Dr. will do a urine and stool sample analysis tomorrow.  Other than a weak bladder, which I am sure has a lot to do with what he has been through and some nerves, he is fine!  Snookie is so sweet and already nipping at our hearts.....  :)  He is an angel!  Donald and I feel so lucky to have his happy soul in our home!  He will be well cared for and LOVED!!  Thanks so much for checking in.......I hope all is well with you....Nick