Sunday, August 26, 2012

I will never forget my beautiful boy Caesar... previously known as Frankie.  Him and his sister were left in a shed, doused with gasoline to "cure" their mange and left with no food or water.  Lost Angels saved these beautiful dogs.  Caesar came to my home with no where else to go.  He had lots of energy and lots of personality!!  When Katrina came to meet him he jumped all over her kissing her face, trying to shows his loving personality.  I remember thinking, oh boy, that's not usually what people want to see.  Not Katrina, she said, yup this is my boy!!  She loved him from the moment she met him.  When we did the home visit with the two other dogs in her home, there was an adjustment period.  Katrina never gave up on Caesar.  She showed him love and patience and in turn Caesar showed her what a wonderful companion he could be. He has now been in his forever home for several years and is enjoying the life he deserves with his furry siblings.