Thursday, July 9, 2015

~~Korra Turns 3~~

The second picture is the first time we saw Korra.  The first is Korra celebrating her 3rd birthday with her family!!  Isn't she pretty!  What a change a home can make.  There is no better feeling.

A dog who barks? - Abigail aka Miku

We just love updates - and it is WONDERFUL to hear from Abigail our perfect little pocket lab!!  She was Miku when she came to LAAR in need of rescue from the shelter and surgery for her injuries after being hit by a car.  She was so scared and shy, you couldn't imagine hearing her bark, but a family who loves and protects you has a way of changing a dog :) 

From Abigail's family:
Wanted you to see updated photos of  Abigail ! She's doing great and has actually developed a barking habit ! :)

Sinatra Sings on Rainbow Bridge

Sinatra is a very special puppy we saved from Polk Animal shelter earlier this year.  He was a very sick puppy and we rushed to get him out and have him checked out by our vets.  He had a severe respiratory infection and was depressed from being in the shelter environment.  His name was given to him by the vet tech, Jayme, who took care of him in his first critical days after leaving the shelter.  She gave him his name because he had blue eyes and would sing when he was hungry :) 

Sinatra grew into a happy, healthy little boy and enjoyed his time with his foster family.  But then something wonderful happened, his very own family adopted him!!  Over the past several months he enjoyed life with a human brother and a new mom!  Unfortunately, Sinatra became very sick again over the last few weeks and began having severe neurological symptoms and quit eating, he went to rainbow bridge this morning, in his own home, surrounded by a family who loved him.

Sinatra's mom Liz says it was a pleasure to have had the time they did with him and an honor to show him love and compassion.  RIP Sinatra - we will miss you and are forever glad you made it out of the shelter and into a family, even if for just a short while.