Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP Hattie

Sometimes no matter how hard you want something or how hard you try it simply is not meant to be. Tonight Hattie lost her battle to win a new life with me. We both wanted it so bad but her suffering was to much for the both of us. I spent t...
he weekend doing all that I could but it was just to late for this sweet angel. As hard as it was to say goodbye if I had it all to do again I would becaus...e if I don't have anything else I at least have the comfort of knowing that I tried. She did not die alone on the side of the road. She died in my arms. Tonight I will wonder why God gave me this little sweet old lady and why she did not have that wonderful second chance that all of us want for them. What lesson was I to learn with the gift of Hattie. Please think of Hattie tonight and do something special for a four legged in the Honor and Memory of Hattie.