Friday, August 19, 2011

Brody to Rainbow Bridge

To All My Heroes……..

Please do not mourn over me for too long! The gift you gave me of eternal sleep was a blessing as it has released me from my pain and suffering. No amount of money or valiant efforts attempted could have saved me from the damage done to my body but what you did accomplish, above all, was to give me, my life value and respect.

I was no longer a stray with no name or home that would die alone and forgotten on the side of the road. I AM BRODY…..and I left this earth surrounded by family and friends who loved me to the end!

My heart is full of love and appreciation to everyone! A special “thank you” to Dr. Webster and her staff at Tampa Veterinary Hospital for making me very comfortable and all the extra attention and ear rubs, as well as Dr. Jones and staff at Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services for your compassion and efforts to save me.

I join many other angels so I am no longer alone. With eternal tail wags…….

Much love from,



  1. Play with the angels Brody; you are home. I apologize for the humans who have no humanity and did this to you; I am glad that you were able to be with those who do have humanity, love and compassion in the end. You will forever be in so many hearts!


  2. There is not a dry eye in our home right now.

    Thank you Desiree and LAAR and to all of those who tried to help him and who were with Brody and comforted him as he made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

    If only the kindness of a few could always overcome the cruelty of many.

    God Bless Brody.

  3. What a beautiful tribute, this just made me cry.....but thank the Lord he wasn't alone at the end!

  4. You will be missed Brody. We are sorry for any pain you had to endure at the hands of cruel humans.