Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I got your packet in the mail. I had actually taken Twix in the day before to the vet. They put her on antibiotics for her skin bumps and gave her a shot of penicillan. Other than that she is one happy pup. We got the doggy pool out yesterday and she loved it. When our dog Ripley gets the frisbee or ball after it's thrown, Twix will chase her all around the yard trying to get it from her, hehe. They play so much together. She did bring in a potted plant one night and put it on the couch and there was dirt everywhere. What a stinker! She's being really weird right now and humping or trying to hump our lab Ripley! I guess they just go through that stage when they are young. I remember my o ther 2 female dogs humping something when they were younger. Twix has only had one accident in the house that's when the doggy door was closed. She does however get scared and pee like crazy at the vets. Funny thing is Twix wants to eat Ripley's food and Ripley wants to eat Twix's food. Silly dogs! Oh and we are calling her Zoey now. Just seems to fit her personality. She seems to be a bit of a talker too especially when wresting with Ripley. Well, we are really enjoying having her and she gives us quite some laughts. I'll try to send pics soon.