Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Miracle Dog - Jude

Jude is a Lost Angels miracle.  He is an 8yr male Shih Tzu that spent 3 weeks in intensive care at our vet with the worse case of pneumonia in October 2013 after saving him from the kill shelter.  He also had a large lymphoma (fatty tumor) on his hindquarter.  It was touch and go for those 3 weeks and we really thought we would loose him.  Jude came into my foster care the beginning of November 2013.
 He started to gain weight and become more active in my home.  The fatty tumor couldn't be remove until his lungs were completely healthy and clear of the pneumonia. On March 12th of 2014, his lungs were healthy enough for him to undergo surgery for the removal of the lymphoma. 
Jude is a very lovable dog that loves to give kisses but is not very social with other dogs.  He is mostly a couch potato and at times you will find him watching TV or deep in thought.  I though because of his age and his social issues, I thought he would be a forever foster. 
Recently, an application came from a wonder family in Tampa, that knew all of Jude’s issues and wanted to give him a loving forever home.  They also had a Shih Tzu, Jenny who is 11 yrs old and had the same personality as Jude.  In doing the home visit Jude and Jenny got along beautifully and I saw how much love this family would give Jude.  With tears in my eyes, I hand Jude over to them.   Jude will always have a special place in my heart knowing he is in his forever home.

- Foster Mom Lorraine