Monday, August 4, 2014

Dublin & Guinness with the New Baby

These two pups came to LAAR before they were born - yes really :)  There mom was found wandering the streets, very scared.  Two Lost Angels foster parents were able to get her and took her home.  She was scared and malnourished and they quickly began to give her love and of course food.  She ballooned very quickly and they quickly realized she was pregnant.  A few days later she gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies.  A wonderful couple decided to adopt these two boys together - brother love is very strong and these two were meant to be together forever.

Now mom and dad have expanded this little family with a new baby!!  From their mom:

Dublin and Guinness are doing great. I think they have welcomed Jaxon to the pack. When I was pregnant I made sure I involved them in as much as I could everything that we brought home for the baby I made sure they checked it out, when the baby cries the dogs coming running like mom he's crying again, when he's in the swing they often stick there heads in there to make sure he is ok, I do have to remind Guinness that he is little because he always want to lay on him, but I think once he's on the loose my house will be crazy but they will be wearing each other out. When Chris gets home I will send you the video when the puppies meet Jaxon for the first time, I don't know where on the computer he put the video. But I have attached some picture, and I did find a video of the boys on a walk wrestling in the snow, Chris just got a new phone when he shot this video because it's in slow motion but it's great, they are almost 5 but I think they will always be puppies.