Monday, August 4, 2014

Butterfly morphs into Sadie...

This beautiful pup was one of a litter of 5 who was on death row at a local kill shelter.  The Angels swooped in and saved this litter of pups and are so excited to see them each go to their forever homes!

From Butterfly AKA Sadie's new mom:

Hi Tina,
It was very nice to meet you.  Thanks for bringing Sadie to us.  I think she is going to be a total joy.  She has been a very good girl.  Now if I can get Dave trained!!  He let Sadie out of crate last night because she whimpered a little when we were going to bed.  He ended up sleeping on the couch with her all night.  For now, I’m afraid for her to have free reign.  She is very puppy like and seems to want to eat anything she finds on the floor.  I also noticed that outside, she was trying to eat acorns, dried up worms, etc.  I also am keeping the doggie door in for now; I think she is just too small to be unsupervised.  She had some loose stools yesterday, outside Yeah!!  This morning though I took her out she peed, then feed her and it was not loose.  She actually pooped again about an hour later and it was fine.  She is a little lover and just what we needed.  We haven’t been around a puppy in awhile and it’s funny how they tear around for awhile then they just pass out.  She definitely is a clown.  We were outside yesterday and Dave got the hose out to water some plants and she dove for it and started jumping and biting at the water.  She also was having a field day chasing lizards around in our yard.  I haven’t seen Dave so happy since Sugar was here!!  We are just animal lovers and it is sad when you don’t have any.
I have tried to talk some of my friends into getting her sister Bambi from you since they thought the pics I sent were so cute.  I told them we could have play dates.
I am taking Sadie to Vet on Monday to get her as an established patient.  While the Vet clinic I went to with Sugar was very good, they are also the most expensive in town.  I also think of Sugar when I am there.  I am going to take Sadie to South Tampa Veterinary Care, Denise Ginex.  She had come highly recommended to me by several people and then I saw where she advertised on the back of my church bulletin.  I like to try to support those who advertise, so I hope I like her.  I have never had Pet Insurance but the way the costs keep going up, I am going to look into that too.
I am a protective mother but I think that Dave balances that out by not being that way.  I’m just amazed at how good she has been and seeming like she is very happy.  I’m glad I was drawn to the name Butterfly and your organization. 
Thanks again,