Friday, August 8, 2014

A lot of Love from Logan

I previously had a rescue poodle for 14 years! When she died I said, no more, not now, I have never lived a day without a dog and this is my time. Then I went to the vegetarian festival in Tampa and there he was; this skinny, shaved, apricot poodle sitting in a cage. I talked to Tina and she told me he was dumped at a kill shelter so the Angels took him within days of being killed. I called everyone I knew to talk me out of this! I just couldn't do it and to boot he looked just like my previous rescue poodle. Tina, GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN, came to my house not once, but twice, because I just couldn't make up my mind. I so wanted to not have a dog right now, but here he is, he needed a home and I had one; so why not! Well it has been two GLORIOUS years! Logan is the love of my life, he makes me laugh everyday. There is not one person who meets him who doesn't love him! He is a jokester and he loves to throw toys at people so they will throw them back at him. He goes with me wherever I
go: Love me, Love my dog! Lost Angels are truly Angels and I cannot thank them enough for finding Logan and bringing us together! Our life together is full of fun and love!