Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dora Makes the News!

I heard from from Marti, Dora's mom, that her girl is featured in the local paper this month. Dora was one of my special fosters and one of the dogs that make rescue worthwhile. Dora was abandoned in Lakeland and ended up at the Polk death camp. She was so scared that they labeled her as dog-agressive and scheduled her for death. Hours before she was scheduled to die, Kelly Wilson saw her photo, and for some reason could not let her go. She called me and begged me to consider taking her because she had nobody for an aggressive dog. I did not want to take her because my Abby does not like females and I knew it could be difficult if she was aggressive. Reluctantly, I asked for her photo. When I saw her body language in the photo, I could tell she probably was not aggressive, just afraid. Worst case would be that she had to stay in a cage, and separated from the other dogs, but she would be alive. I took her and it turned out she had no aggression, was very sweet, friendly,
and quite the character. She house trained quickly and loved playing with my other dogs, except Abby. Marti saw her on the LAAR website, and I think it was love at first sight. Dora immediately loved her new family, including the cat, and has the best life ever. Thank you Marti and family for loving Dora and helping her be an ambassador for all the misunderstood homeless dogs. - Ronnie (foster dad)