Monday, November 8, 2010


I am sure you have gotten other happy ending stories but let me assure you that no other family is as fortunate as we are to have found our Sasha. She is a mixed breed that won my heart in 2005. I was NOT planning on adopting a dog. In fact, I was a newly single mother of two (ages 4 and 1) and that was the furthest thing from my mind. We were going to another store that day and we saw the dogs for adoption and walked over just so the kids could get a better look. I lived in a condo at the time and the lady said "I have the perfect dog for you. She won't get too big but she will be big enough to handle rough play from the kids." She handed me this little black dog that snuggled right in to my neck and I was hooked. Her name she said was Sally. My 4 year old re-named her Sasha and the rest is history. I have had dogs throughout my entire life and I do believe that Sasha is the most sweet natured dog I have ever had. She LOVES my kids. She protects our house. She can do tricks and has been super easy to train. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. I don't know why someone would abandon a sweet little puppy like her, but we are glad she ended up at Lost Angels and we are glad that we happened by that day and fell in love. She is 5 years old and I regret not having written sooner.

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