Monday, November 8, 2010

Lazy Boys

Joey (who we now call Lobo) is doing AWESOME, I love love love him so so much!!! :) He gets along so well with our other LAAR baby, Rio, and we just recently moved back home to New Mexico and bought our first house, and the dogs LOVE to run and chase eachother around all the rooms and yard! Lobo is just my little cuddle buddy, he follows me everywhere and always loves being held. I'm also starting to teach him some tricks and he's a pretty quick learner! The whole extended family loves him too, they call him my baby...and even my little nephew who was afraid of dogs has fallen in love with him and always likes to help me walk him :)
I'm always so thankful to you guys for giving me the two best dog-babies in the whole world, haha! :)
Best Wishes to you and LAAR,
Krystal Sena

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