Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The little shihtzu that could...

Papi (aka) Geezer found us on February of '09. From the first time I saw his big beautiful eyes I knew I had to have him. We went to check him out that morning and got there early, so when his foster mom showed up with him I spotted him from a distance and I was instantly smitten. As soon as he nestled in my arms, I felt such love I couldn't contain the tears. His foster mom informed us he was quite sickly and may not live much longer, maybe only a couple of months. I didn't care, I still knew in my heart I wanted to give him a good life even if only for a little while.

Now, almost 2 yrs later Papi is living proof of the power of love. He is doing great and everyday is such a gift with him in our lives. He is such a character and so sweet, funny and loving. Everyone who learns of his story says he is one lucky little dog, but we feel like we are the lucky ones to have found him. This little 7 lb bundle of love has opened our hearts and taught us unconditional love. Thank you Lost Angels and Patti for the gift of Papi!
Meli and Kim