Friday, November 5, 2010

Mercy Me!

As seen on Channel 8 news this week, a woman found Mercy Wednesday night in her neighborhood and called her co-worker, a rescue volunteer, for help. It has been confirmed that she was shot at close range execution style by what they believe was a .22 caliber handgun. Tampa Veterinary Hospital will attempt to secure any evidence during her surgery this morning that might help their investigation. Mercy was feeling better this morning after a night of I.V. fluids, antibiotics and pain meds. She was bright and alert for her interview and was not camera sigh in the least bit. Lost Angels needs your help to support the rehabilitation of Mercy. No donation is too small. Lost Angels Rescue is a 501c3 rescue and your donation is tax deductible. Please donate to help Mercy. Pictures of her progress will be posted regularly.


  1. She is doing very well. The only damage from the wound is some movement loss in one of her ears. Her only need right now is a forever home.