Monday, July 2, 2012

RIP Mork

Six and a half years ago we adopted our two wonderful Min Pins, Mork and Mindy. They've been a beloved part of our family and our only regret was that we couldn't have gotten them when they were younger.  They've had their share of challenges, Mindy had heartworms when we adopted her and for the past years she takes medicine daily to control her Cushing's disease. 

Mork has had problems with his spine a hips since we adopted him and they got worse about 6 months ago. He's been prodded, probed, x-rayed and medicated. He even made about 6 visits to a chiropractor. About a week ago, the pain started to get the better of him. We would be laying down and just scream out in pain. We hhad him examined and tried stronger medication with limited success. Finally on Thursday we made the hard decision and had him put down to end his suffering. We loved him and miss him terribly. Mindy seems OK most of the time but there are times she appears to be looking for him.

Nick & I just wanted to let you know about Mork and thank you once again for convincing us to take him too when we adopted Mindy.

Thanks and Regards,

Gloria Caputo