Sunday, July 15, 2012

RIP Mishi-Me the Smiling Dog

From LAAR Director Kelly Wilson:
Mishi came to me as my foster dog in July of 2008.  I got a call from someone who had found her and she had a horrible tumor on her backside, side and also internally. As soon as I got the call I knew that this was a dog I had to save.  When I called them back they had already took her to Animal Service.  I thought that they would put her down immediately due to her condition.  It was her lucky day and she was still there.  She had multiple surgeries and it took over 3 hours to remove the growth off of her back leg.  She was a wonderful happy dog and she never ever complained about anything while she was with me.  I did not expect to adopt her out.  I never thought I would find anyone good enough.  Then I met Dennis and Jennie and there sweet dog Munchie.  We will always remember the Friday before Thanksgiving also known as Black was also the day she found her new home and her new family.  Munchie was very sick and Mishi gave Munchie a reason to live.  Mishi was like a ray of sunshine.  I always called her Mishi-Me and when she would come to visit it me she would light up when I called out her name, and walked with a bounce that was truly her signature walk. She would shift her weight from side to side and bounce when she walked. She never forgot me and always thanked me for saving her. 
She will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her.....she was truly a gift to all. 
From Mishi's parents:
I can say for a fact Mishi was a HAPPY HAPPY Girl and she knew she was loved.
When she would walk Mishi had this big smile on her face and people would stop us all the time and say they have never seen such a happy dog and seeing that smile made their day.
Mishi loved to go to work!!! and ride in the shopping cart at Lowes.
Her song was Hooked on a Feeling.
We told Mishi, Munchkin will be waiting for you and she will show you the ropes in heaven.  
Munchkin is doing that right now....Boy do we miss our Mishi-me....Was and will always be the best.