Friday, June 29, 2012

Lizzie, you will be missed!

A Lost Angels Director recently lost one of her babies. 

Today I lost my precious Lizzie.  She almost made her 16th birthday.  She was truly one of the love's of my life.  She was always a good dog.  Until the very end she only wanted to please me.  She died at home on her own.  She even spared me in her death from having to make that terrible decision.  She was a cancer survivor and she had heart disease.  In the end I am not sure what took her.....I think it was just time that took her. 
I have hope and belief that she will now join her sister Cheekie.  They will be united once again.  I am grieving hard but not for Lizzie, but for my loss.  She had the best possible life that I could give her and I will always know that we were both blessed with each other.  Pray for me.  I need it.

We love you Lizzie - Lost Angels Family