Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dudley from Desperate to Dynamite!

The last picture shown here is Dudley when we pulled him from animal services.  Below is a message from his new family : )  We LOVE to hear these stories and wanted to share!

Hi Tina and LAAR,
As I sat rubbing Dudley’s belly this morning I thought about the course of his life.  How he was on the street for some time, how he was taken in by Animal services all dirty and flea ridden.  And how you saw potential in him to rescue him from being put down.  I know you also spent lots of time cleaning him up and getting him back to health and the point where he could be adopted.

As you know the last thing on my mind was to adopt a dog.  My daughter pressed me for a dog, so I told her we would foster one.  But this little guy is so special that in a few weeks (actually days – but I didn’t tell anyone that) he changed my mind.  I am so glad we adopted him and made him a permanent part of the family.
We are all enjoying Dudley immensely and know that our lives would be empty without him.  Even though he was intended to be my daughters pet, he and I have bonded immensely.  I can assure you, however,  he gets lots of lovin’ from the whole family! 
I just wanted to send you a bit of encouragement and tell you that it is not only the dog’s lives that you are changing.
Thanks again!