Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yoshi's New Home

Hi Foster Mom,

It's me - Yoshi. Mom thought I should dorp you a line and tell you how my first full day went. So far so good. I slept on Mom's bed with Katie - Katie on one side toward the bottom and me glued to mom up by her head. I didn't budge all night. We slept till 6:30am and then Mom took Katie and me out for a quick pee. Then she made her coffee and Katie and I went for a long walk. We only did the first big circle because Katie was spayed on Thursday and Mom doesn't want to overdo it. Then we all had breakfast and I took my pill. Mom put it in a Greenie pill pocket so I didn't even know it was there. I've already figured out a few rules - nice ones that I like. For example, as soon as we get back from a walk and Mom takes our leashes off, we run into the kitchen and sit looking at the cookie jar. Then Mom gives Katie hers first and me second - I guess that is because Katie was here first. Katie told me when Sophie was alive, Sophie got her cookie first. So as they say, "fairs fair." Katie and I curled up together under Mom's desk when she was on the computer. Mom took me out for a long, llloooonnnggg walk in the park by myself and I met Charlie, Tiny, BUffet, and Muffin. I was very good with them and all the people I met (Bert, Valerie, Bob, Fran, Brad, Susan, etc.) really seemed to like me. I think Mom is taking me to Dr Weber tomorrow because I keep scratching around my ears (both of them). She said there are no fleas and she wants me checked out. She says I will like him very much. She says hei s very gentle and explains everything.
I seem to understand Katie had surgery because I've not done any rough housing with her. Mom took me out to the back yard adn I ran and ran really fast. Mom said Katie couldn't run there yet but there was a cat there (not Momma Kitty who lives under the house) but another one Valerie across the street takes care of called VC (for Visiting Cat). Anyway I ran after the cat and it climbed up the fence and leaped onto the tree on the other side. Now just so you don't worry about me and cats, Noel and I get along great. I was licking his ears and he was licking me.
I did get into a little trouble tonight but so did Katie. Mom served supper and she was over by the sink and Katie and I got into it a bit (growing and barking). It looked to Mom liek Katie was putting me in my place for something. Mom told both of us to "knock it off" and she doesn't know what promted it. We've both been there with the food before with no problem. Katie immediately lay down by the door and I lay down by Mom's feet near the sink. Mom wasn't mad at either one of us but didn't want us developing any bad habits.
Mom is doing something weird! She goes out of the house for a few minutes and then comes back in. I do have a tendency to want to charge out the door when it is opened and she said she doesn't want to lose she wants me to get used to the fact that I won't be left alone and she will come back. At first I would run to the window and scratch on the screen to let her know she left me. She said she doesn't want me feeling anxious so she is using something called intermittent reinforcement. She explained that the mroe she goes out and comes back with varying intervals the more I get comfortable.
I am being a really, really good boy. I walk on my leash very, very well and even Katie doesn't pull as much as she used to. Katie seems to like walking with me. I have not had a single accident in the house. I haven't stood up on the bird cages (I was just being curious anyway because I didn't know what they were) at all. I eat my breakfast and dinner. I think I have a forever family here and everything keeps doing things to show me they are glad I'm here.
Thank you for taking care of me and for helping me find my forever family. I'm very happy. I would sign this but for two things: my paws can't hit the right computer keys and I'm sound asleep (and snoring) glued to my sister, Katie, in our doggie bed under Mom's desk.

Say hi to my buddies - especially my favorite playmate.