Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yoshi Update

Hi foster mom,

Mom just read my letter to you from the facebook page. Thought I would catch you up since this is now day five.

I'm doing great. Get about 4-5 nice walks in the park daily. Get a nice treat when Katie and I get home. Not a single accident in the house. And guess what?? When Mom goes out the door and tells me to stay I do - maybe that is because I know she is coming back. See what a quick learner I am. She still goes out the door backward and has her hand down to catch me if I should try to run (and will probably do that forever because she never, ever wants to lose me
:-)) but now I usually just stand still with no running toward the opening. I love my new bed and sleep on the pillow right by Mom and put my head on her shoulder. My snoring does not seem to bother her. I've found the stash in the toy holder and I can take one out and run and toss it and play any time I want. Mom said today that it is too bad I'm a dog and can't put the toys back - I must have had twenty or so scattered about the house. Katie and I are getting along 99.9% of the time. She did growl at me a couple of times but it was my fault because I was running and throwing my toy and ran right into her. Since I'm smaller than her, I bumped her belly. She's just fine but must not have liked me hitting her. Anyway Katie forgave me right away because once I got my energy out we curled up on the bed under Mom's desk while she did some work.

Katie is getting her stitches out tomorrow and I'm seeing Dr. Weber too. Mom dropped off my paperwork to his office yesterday and made arrangements to have someone come out to the car tomorrow to carry me in when we get there so that she could lift Katie down from the car. She drives an Element and the seat is really high up so she didn't want Katie jumping down from a height until she gets her stitches out and couldn't lift both of us out. I've gotten to go for a couple of rides and really like it.

Mom said I have been a good influence on Katie because she doesn't pull on her leash when walking now. You should see us when we go for a walk...we are literally glued together side by side. It is too cute. I really like Katie. Noel sometimes curls up with us too. He comes over every so often and licks Katie....and me!

Anyway, I am sooooooo happy here. Mom picks me up all the time and says mushy things like: "Yosh (or sometimes Yoyo) you are such an angel"; "How did we ever get so lucky to find you?", and "You silly little guy." In human terms I think that all means she really, really likes me.

Anyway time for another walk in the park with my sister and Mom...I like it when Mom gets bored because she says "OK you guys want to go meet some friends?"....

Love to you and all the kindness you showed me while I was with you. And thank you for finding me the best home ever. I miss you and my favorite playmate there - you know the tan dog who is five times my size

Yoshi aka Yoyo aka Yosh
Note to readers: the favorite playmate is a staffy/hound mix