Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Chloe

I just wanted to let you know how I am doing. My new home is full of love and fun. We just celebrated something called "Christmas" and I had the most packages to open of anyone! Santa brought me a Chirpi chew. It is something very hard and natural, made in the Himalayas of yak milk, lime juice and something no dog can chew through for a long time. I fooled them, I had it gone in two days! I also got real deer antlers. They are so yummy and strong. My mom says all I get is calcium when I chew them up. That is good because I am not eating plastic or anything bad. Mom and dad always think of that. I got a huge bag of pure chicken jerky from my new friend, Poppy. She is a multipoo. I got her a stuffed husky... she calls it her boyfriend. I got King balls that squeak, a piggy that squeaks, and a bear that squeaks. Can you tell I have a thing for squeaky toys? I also got a ton of different treats.
I have a cousin now and she is about a month younger than me. Her name is Sky, and she is a weimaraner. We have play dates and she comes to my house to play in the back yard. We play very hard and have a lot of fun. Her mom, auntie Stella, made me special natural cookies from scratch. I never knew what oatmeal was before eating them! It goes well with the applesauce and bananas. Oh boy, I have the goodies!
I have learned to sit and stay, I never go potty anywhere but in the back yard. I listen to "no" all of the time, and I love to fetch the ball! I go on walks every day and I have found the best place to chase these awful things called ducks. They hiss at me, and aren't friendly. I have a lot of new friends. My boy, Ian, takes me to the beach. I love to play with shells. I just carry them around and toss them, but my favorite thing is to bring them home and hide them in the yard and try to find them again.
I have a new bed, but the couches are more comfortable, especially when there are other people on them. I take care of my "Gaga," she is very old and has Parkinson's, but she uses her hands to pet me and that makes everyone very happy. She loves me and I love to sleep with my head on her lap and keep her warm.
I am so happy with my family. Mom and dad always ask someone, named God, wha tthey every did to deserve me. We love each other so much, it feels like I have always belonged here. Thank you for finding a family for me. I love you for what you have done for me. I pray every day that the lost, abandoned, and homeless pups find you to help them. Happy New Year! With love from the bottom of my heart, Chloe (the dog formerly known as Kiki)