Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Fight for Freedom

LeAnn is a little Shih Tzu. She lived in a home at one time. Then this poor little girl found herself in a kill shelter. Everyone walked by her not giving her a thought. See, this little girl had a hole in her eye. (yes, you seen that right) a hole in her eye. Some how this little girl was hurt and nobody wanted to help her. Till Lost Angels step up. With a tear in her eye an Angels held her and said "NO Problem, she will be to the Vet in the morning". The next day off to Dade City Vet hosp she went. She received her home again chip and checked by the Vet. Sad to say, She did need her eye removed. In only a few days LeAnn is off running around with no worries. She is now safe, happy and healthy thanks to all those that care.. (she is looking for forever home. See her on our web site.)
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