Saturday, December 4, 2010


In October 2005, The Tobias household was forever changed with the addition of our beloved Jack Russell/Basset Hound mix, Caesar. It was a big decision to decide to adopt another dog after losing our faithful friend Leather, the wonder-cocker spaniel, but alas it was time.

Caesar has been a true friend. He is entertaining and brilliant. Chris, Gabe and I take great pride to make sure everyone we meet and come in contact with know and love him as much as we do!

Here he is on a chilly December day, "sunning" on the back porch.....ah....the life! He is a special boy and he knows it. In return he gives us endless hours of smiles and giggles and material for great stories and quips.

Thank you, Lost Angels for all you do. Our hope is that all adoption stories could go as well as ours did. HAIL CAESAR, we love you.........