Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double Double Rescue - Mozart & Jenni

This is Mozart and Jenni.  They were Lost Angels rescues years ago.  They found a wonderful home and enjoyed their time there.  Their owner became terminally ill a few months ago and her only concern was finding a new home for her babies.  Lost Angels stepped up for these two pups again and found them a wonderful new home where they are safe and can stay together!!

From their new owners:
Mozart fell a sleep in a Banjo case of one of my students. He loves confinement in pillow cases as well as Banjo cases.
Mozart likes to sit at my left side and Jenni likes to sit at Carol’s right side in our recliners.
Jenni enjoying “coffee with Carol in the morning on our back porch.
Jenni is a delight and so full of love and softness for all.
Mozart and Jenni are great Pups. They get at least one 2 mile walk everyday and often end the day
with a “pee” walk every evening. They like to go to bed about 10 pm.
Please thank their previous care giver for doing such a good job of raising them. They have a new vet
and are all “checked up!”