Monday, November 18, 2013

Duke finds his Fur-ever

Duke was found on the side of the road emaciated and limping in July 2013.  He was a very sad sight.  As the foster parents who found him pulled over to pick him up he needed help to get into the car he was so weak.  After a few dogs biscuits he went right to sleep for the rest of the car ride.  We don't think this boy was going to make it much longer.  Not only was he emaciated - he had an infection in his leg that smelled and looked awful.  Lost Angels took him in and got him healthy.  It was apparent he had never been in a house before and was scared of things we think of as normal - like the TV and drawers opening.  Over a few months he grew to understand a home and affection. 
Yesterday Duke went to his forever home with Sienna.  He is absolutely loving the individual attention.  Duke is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known and I could not be more happy for him.  This is what Lost Angels does - we take a dog in a desperate situation and we give them a new life.