Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We are so in love with Rundo (formerly Ozzie with LAAR).  It's been almost 2 months since we got him and at this point i think i can say that he has shown all his colors to us.  He is very playful and loves to be chased around the house.  He loves all of the squeeky toys that we have gotten him but especially the one that he and his brother, Lucky the Lab, got from Santa.  He gets very excited when I start putting on my jacket because he knows that we are going for a walk. He is unbelievably loyal and follows my every move around the house. When I had him and Lucky groomed for the first time I asked that they take off a little more hair around his eyes and face and boy, he is a looker!  :)  He has such a sweet face and big black eyes that can just melt your heart.  He is well mannered, loving and goofy and we love it.  Thank you so much for everything and for arranging a date for Ozzie to meet and pick us.  We are in love.  :)