Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Benny/Dojo Update

The attached pictures where taken over the last 2 months
Dojo's Story adpoted 11/2005

Just a little over 7 years ago Benny (we call him Dojo) selected me to adopt him. I say selected because he "marked" my leg the moment I got near him. So off we went. At the time of adopting Dojo I was told he had heartworms. They really affected his body but not his spirit. He loved to go on his walks but developed a bad cough and eventually I got him treated about a year later. I had researched the treatment plan and the risk factor was high but Dojo was not phased one bit. He is Heartworm free now but he does have some lung scarring which causes the cough but it does not slow him down!

Dojo is a bit of a traveller as well. He has been to Canada once, Bermuda twice, all over the state and Georgia. Then he moved into a new house with his own fenced in yard where he loves to walk around or just catch some sun. He is my number one pup as I call him, he follows me from room to room and can sleep for hours in the room with me but if I leave for too long he causally struts around looking for me. He tells me the time as well (strangely only his dinner time) as he paws at me or becomes super playful as if to say "hey I will work for food". I love my pup and although we guess he is around 12 years old he still is just as full as life as ever. Sure he is a bit hard of hearing and has a cataract but he is still the top dog and has brought nothing but joy to my life over the last 7 years. I can never thank Lost Angels enough for what they do but know Dojo has had a great life since then and will continue to as well.

Sincerely Jade Darrell