Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Legend!

Wanted to send you some recent pictures of Legend. He's becoming such the handsome one over the last few weeks. He's doing so well. Right now we're working on "paper stealing" Legend. If it's there he will grab it. Lol. And he is a dirt boy- loves his dirt. He will dig to china if you let him lol. So I'm working on a fix for that. He's stopped the biting almost 98% of the time. Now he only does it when he's really excited to play. He's definitely still puppy but with a lot more manners now. :) Finishing up his 2nd round of doxy in a couple of weeks and then re-testing him for the heart worm. Hoping for a negative - fingers crossed. Legend is weighing in at a solid 85lbs. To look at him you would think he's gained more but I think he's gotten taller and more muscular over the last couple of months more then an actual weight gain. He looks great and is such the lover. He sleeps in my room at night, door closed for now & only in his cage while I'm at work which makes me happy. Looking forward to not having to crate him. Hope you're doing well!Michelle