Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Honey (Shellee)

My husband and I moved to Tampa recently with our other little fur baby Yaz. It was clear to us that Yaz needed a friend. We absolutely refuse to buy a dog from a breeder or a pet store. I guess we both feel that there are so many deserving dogs that need good homes.
We spent a month or so cruising pet finder, visiting the shelter (all the dogs that we put applications on had either already been adopted or had applications on them already)...anyways...we decided to take a ride out to the petco in Tampa with Yaz to see some of the other dogs that were available. Shellee, was there and such a sweetie. We immediately were drawn to her and Yaz was giving her kisses. She seemed reserved and a bit shy...we held her and played with her a little. I had an application filled out already and after a quick (about 2 second) discussion we put an app in on Shellee. Tina brought her by for a home visit right before Christmas and well as it goes, Shellee never left ;-) We changed her name to Honey because well she's the color of honey and she's sweet like Honey!
She has been an absolute treasure! We just love her so much. She loves to cuddle with us, play with Yaz, and we've even been able to see a side of Yaz that we didn't know existed!! He loves to play with her, and she loves to play with him. I now see how bored he must have been without her.
We've had her about a month and to be honest, I can't imagine our lives without her. She just brings so much joy.
Thank you for giving her a second chance so we could find her ;-)
Liz and Dave Jones

The attached picture is of Honey and Yaz after "opening" their Christmas cute!