Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Photos

Dear Friends, Enclosed are some very recent photos of my 'kids.' Of course Sunny is my wonderful Golden boy and Zelda is my very sweet Flat-Coat mix girl. Chester, as you know, is the new guy in town. He is not the least bit shy about asking for whatever he wants! Everyone gets along great as I knew they would. Zelda and Chester sleep on the bed. Sunny was really ill a couple of years ago with inner ear infections- I took him to a canine neurologist in Tampa- and no longer wishes to jump up on the bed as his balance was a problem for a while. (He is fully recovered but it took about two months.) So now, by choice, he sleeps on pillows right beside my side of the bed. I am crazy about all of them and they make my house a home. Thank you all for all you do. Your kindness and concern for critters has absolutely added so much to my life. Sincerely,Mary Ann Whitehurst