Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rocky And Happy

We were looking for a playmate for our 1 year old Mini Pin named Happy. Happy was doing well but we could tell he was aching for someone to play with so we started searching the internet to adopt a future playmate. We came across Rocky a 1 year old Chiuaua mix at Lost Angels and we knew he was "the one". Call it love at first sight but these two "hit it off" from the moment they met each other. When the foster parents came to visit our home for the first meet up between these two loving pets we knew this was going to be a win-win for everyone as we watch the two pups run around our house together passing us by in a whirlwind game they were playing called catch me if you can :-)

It's been about a week now and Happy and Rocky are getting along like old time friends who have known each other since birth. They play together. They go outside and sit by our swimming pool together, they really are a perfect match!

I want to personally thank both Rick and Sarah the foster parents first for doing what they do and second to thank Lost Angels for providing such a great way to bring Lost Angel pets together with forever homes for the pets they put up for adoption. They did an extremely thorough job of screening us as a potential adoption family and were helpful in every way.

Thank you from our love filled home,
Rocky & Happy