Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mambo & Chimichanga

Mambo was my first companion after being dogless for 3 years. Lost Angels had him for adoption (age 3 months), and he brought smiles into my life. About nine months later, I noticed that Mambo needed a best buddy. He is insecure and was demanding a lot of attention from me.... So it was time to check out Lost Angels again. There she was: Chimichanga, looking for the perfect home. She came to visit and Mambo fell in love with her. She stayed that night, and it has been a blessing to both Mambo and I. After Chimichanga was able to relax, she became Mambo's BBF.
I am so blessed by these two little dogs and can't thank Lost Angels enough for the beautiful job they do... Thank you for bringing my two little angels to me!
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