Monday, February 14, 2011

Lucy's Adventures

Lucy is doing just fine!
She's making progress with us - we earn a little more of her trust each week I think. She's still no lap dog, but she's learned a lot! She has learned sit, up, lay down, shake, touch, stay, drop it, and go to the carpet. We're working on speak and go potty. She still has rare accidents in the house now and again, but she's definitely beginning to understand the connection between outside and potty.

We have an interesting story though. Last night my husband and I went for a hike in the nature trails behind our place. The windows were open because it was a cool night, and we could hear Lucy barking until we were well out of sight. We went about 1/2 mile from home before we decided to leave the trail to go bushwack through the woods. We were more than a football field's length into the brush, checking out a den and some signs of wild pig/boar when we heard heavy breathing approaching and twigs snapping - something was coming toward us fast! We braced ourselves.... and who do we see coming barreling through the brush but Lucy?! We were SO shocked and amazed. We had no idea she could track a scent so accurately, and with no training either! My next thought was feeling horrified that we could have lost her (She'd bent the screen and poppied it out of place). But she had ignored all the interesting smalls and sounds, and come right to us. I'm sure she will continue to surprise us as time goes on... but from now on we will definitely close the windows when we leave, just to be safe! :)

Thank you so much for our little Wonder Dog!
Sara and Tim