Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chester in Love!

Before Adoption (first photo):
Chester is a senior Chihuahua who desperately needs your help! He was dropped off at Miami Dade on Sunday the 19th with a broken leg. No one has come looking for him. If you look at his picture, you can see how frightened he is, and that he is not able to stand. The shelter put him in the injured ward, and he has been there ever since with no medical treatment whatsoever. Chester faced certain death because he was not even available for the public to see, and he stood very little chance of adoption. He has been there in that frightening environment and in constant pain for four days. Lost Angels saw Chester’s plight and although we are very full, we could not allow him to die like this. However, due to shelter rules, he cannot be released until Saturday. He will have gone a week without treatment. As soon as we can get him released he will be taken to a vet to evaluate and treat his leg, and he will finally be given the pain medication he needs so badly. We do not know the extent of his injury, and we do not know how much additional damage has been done with a week where his broken bones were not properly set and supported. But we are determined to bring him through this, to love him totally, and to see him safely into a new forever home. Chester’s bills will be high, and we desperately need your help to be able to save his leg and get him on the road to recovery. No donation is too small. Lost Angels Rescue is a 501c3 rescue and your donation is tax deductible. Please chip in for Chester. Pictures of his progress will be posted regularly.
After adoption!!
UPDATE on Chester and his new home. Here are the pictures of Chester, one shows him with his girlfriend Chloe. Chester is a gallant soul, both with other dogs and with me, and you can see that in the way he gently courts her. Chester is the unofficial head of my "pack". He always has his eye on the others, making sure that everything is OK. It wasn't long after Chester came to live with me that I realized that he had a unique personality. He reminds me of an elegant Spanish lord: gentle, refined and intelligent, and also proud and strong of spirit. Chester is independent, but he chooses to cast his life in and along with mine. He is my protector, and my little man, although the only thing little about him is his physical size. Each day when I pick him up from Day Care, he runs to greet me with such joy, I honestly can't imagine him not being there. For this reason, I decided to adopt him. His leg is still mending but the bone has begun to knit, and it no longer trips him up the way it used to. I do rehabilitation therapy with him, trying to move the leg and restore the range of movement. He does use his leg sometimes at a walk pace, but when he really gets running, he only uses the other three. Chester's coat now glistens like patent leather, and he is the picture of health. Thanks to Lost Angels, Chester is no longer "lost" ... he is home.