Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mya Living the Life

As a pup this sweet girls time was up at the shelter. When one of the founders of Lost Angels saw her on the list she pulled her to safety. Once in a foster home it didn't take long for this beautiful special girl to find her forever home. Below is an update from her dad.

2 years ago on 4-13 we adopted Mya from your rescue. I wanted to send you some pictures showing her growth and the life she is living. Armando and I are so blessed with this little angel. She has changed our lives for the better and love her beyond words. She has grown up to be an extraordinary dog and member of our family. She has become our little protector and I have even caught her “patrolling” the house in the middle of night going to all the doors and the sliding glass door just looking into the yard. She has also become a big sister to our 2nd rescue, Max and the bond those two have developed is truly amazing. They do everything together and she mothers him to the fullest. Please enjoy these pictures as we have enjoyed making them. Hope all is well with you