Friday, April 17, 2015

Shyla & Her Boy :)

Mitch found Shyla one night in December 5 years ago on his way to his brothers house.  She was running frantically, he could tell she was very scared.  He is a persistent man and didn't give up until he got her.  We found out shortly after that she was pregnant.  A week or so later, she had 5 beautiful puppies.  Shyla's new family even hosted a Pit Puppy Palooza reunion for Shyla and all her babies with their forever families!  It was a wonderful experience.

Shyla has a wonderful home that until recently she shared with a chihuahua (RIP Tai), her 2-legged mom and dad and of course her boy Grey.  As you can see they love each other!  Shyla was always such a gentle soul.  So glad she found her perfect forever home!