Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simon & Jacob

Simon and Jacob (black dog) in a rare quiet moment.  Simon is making excellent progress in his rehabilitation and I am very proud of him.  This sweet boy spent the first part of this life in pain and fear from his cruel and abusive human.  This man would tie Simon and another dog in the house on ropes that were so short they could barely lay down.  Somehow, Simon broke his leg and never received medical care.  For over a month, he had to endure the pain and try to survive the constant abuse.  His leg has healed crooked, but it doesn’t hurt now and he is healing well.  At first, Simon didn’t know how to be a house dog, what it felt like to get affection, or anything about being part of a family.  Now, you can see he has been watching Jacob and has learned how to be spoiled.  Simon is very smart and can learn anything.  Now we just need to find the right family who can nurture his gentle sprit and continue his rehabilitation.

Also attached is a photo of Jacob at nap time.  He has been with me about two years now and is my constant companion.  Jacob is the gentlest dog in the world and I love him more every day.  I am grateful he adopted me.