Monday, April 29, 2013

In Memory of Stella

Saturday we lost our Stella. When she came into rescue, she had been kept in a crate almost her whole life, and had probably never been to a vet. She had huge mammary tumors, had surgery immediately, and bounced back faster than a dog half her age (we’re guessing she was about 12 years old).
Then she developed Cushings disease. Even though we treated her with all the appropriate meds, nothing helped. After a few months, she started to lose strength in her back legs. We got a cart for her (from a WONDERFUL organization called Paws for Hospice but her front legs were starting to go as well, and she wasn’t strong enough to hold herself up - most likely due to a tumor.
Through it all, Stella was still a happy, loving little girl! She would sit on your lap and help you watch TV, and every so often turn around and give you a kiss. Didn’t bother her that she couldn’t walk, as long as she could be with the family and the rest of the dogs, she was content. Eating was her favorite pastime, and that didn’t change until the very end.
When she stopped eating, we knew it was time. She went very peacefully. We miss our girl, but know that God has her in the palm of His hand, and that’s the best place to be.