Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Belle - Heartworm Success Story

This is a picture of my healthy, beautiful, blessing, named Belle.  We rescued her a couple of years ago through Lost Angels Rescue in Florida.  When we got her we were told she had heart worms and we were advised to go with the slow kill treatment so that is what we did.  About six months ago we had her tested again and the wonderful news was that she was heart-worm free and in great health.  Belle travels with us in our motor home.  She is the most wonderfully behaved dog we have ever had.  She keeps my husband and I entertained as she is so delighted to do whatever pleases us.   I had a dog when I was growing up in Florida that also had heart worms and I chose to put her through the heart worm treatment and she didn't  make it.   I would never put another dog through that again.  We so love our Belle and are so happy we stuck with the slow kill.  By the way, in our travels I have met so many people who rescued a dog with heart worms and now they are also heart worm free after this new treatment.