Monday, October 1, 2012

The Silver Lining

I just thought I’d send you a quick update. Silver is now “Dingo”.  It’s official and he comes to it already. A friend saw his adoption photo and said he looked like a “Tank”. We were tempted but he seemed to already like “Dingo”.

I tried to give him a little dental bone and he acted as though he had never seen a chewy before! Finally, after soaking it in a little chicken broth, he put it in his mouth and carried it around for hours like a cigar. (See Photos) He wouldn’t even give it up during his walk at the park.

He loves lying in the sun in the backyard when he first gets up….usually in the grass, but sometimes rolling in the dirt.

The licking issue is almost licked! (knock on wood) We had a couple of initial setbacks but it has completely healed over and dried up.

He had his first trip to the Davis island doggie beach and loved it! When we got there he ran right into the water and then acted startled but with a little encouragement he was swimming like a pro. He made friends with a min-pin-Chihuahua mix that followed him around the entire time and really seemed to enjoy swimming.

I made him a handicapped ramp for the bed but he still sits by it and grumbles until one of us pick him up. He has settled in very well and is getting spoiled rotten. He would lay in my arm like a baby all day long if I’d let him.

Matt adores him and says almost every day how lucky we got to find him and that it was definitely meant to be.

He’s doing great!